The operation of the iron and steel industry this year
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(1) the production has created a high level of history. In the 1-6 month of 2013, the total production of crude steel was 3.9 million tons, an increase of 7.4% over the same period last year, and the growth rate was 5.6 percentage points higher than that of the same period last year. In the first 6 months, the average daily output of crude steel was 2 million 154 thousand tons, equivalent to the annual output of crude steel of 7.86 million tons. Among them, in February, it reached a record high of 2 million 208 thousand tons, although it dropped in 3-6 months, it still maintained a high level of over 2 million 100 thousand tons. In 1-6 months, the output of crude steel in the two provinces of Hebei and Jiangsu increased by 6.8% and 13.2% respectively. The total additional output of the two provinces accounted for 42.4% of the increment of 26 million 940 thousand tons, and the output of Shanxi, Liaoning, Henan and Yunnan increased by more than 1 million tons. In 1-6 months, the gross steel output of the key and medium iron and steel enterprises increased by 5.5%, lower than the average growth rate of 2 percentage points, but still 60% of the increase came from the key and medium-sized steel enterprises.

(2) the price of steel is low. In 2013 1-6, the domestic steel market overall performance is low. With the release of crude steel production capacity, the market supply and demand is in an unbalanced state, and steel prices have fallen into a downward channel, which has fallen for more than 4 months. As of July 26, 2013, the steel price index dropped to 100.48 points, down from 6.6 at the beginning of the year. The price of eight steel varieties that the iron and Steel Industry Association has focused on has declined to varying degrees compared with the beginning of the year, with an average decrease of 5.7%. In terms of varieties, the price of steel wire and screw steel, which accounts for the larger proportion of China's steel production, fell by 4.9% and 6.7% respectively. The price of medium plate and hot rolled coil fell to 5.7% and 9.7% respectively.

(3) the export of steel has increased rapidly. The imbalance between supply and demand in domestic steel market stimulates the export of enterprises. In 1-6 months, China exported 30 million 690 thousand tons of steel, an increase of 12.6% over the same period, 6 million 830 thousand tons of imported steel, a decrease of 1.8%, and an increase of 50% tons of imported billets and ingots. The billet was converted to crude steel and accumulated net exports of 25 million 60 thousand tons, an increase of 17.3% over the same period last year, accounting for 6.4% of China's crude steel output. From the export price, the average price of export rod and wire rod was 624.3 US dollars / ton in 1-6 months, down 18% from the same period last year, and 835.2 US dollars / ton of plate material, a 2.8% decrease compared with the same period last year.

(4) high operation of steel plant and social stock. The contradiction between supply and demand of the market has spread to the circulation field, and domestic steel stocks continue to grow at the end of last year. In March 15th, it reached a record high of 22 million 520 thousand tons, an increase of 3 million 510 thousand tons over the previous year's super high point, of which 14 million 320 thousand tons of construction steel stocks accounted for 63.6% of the total inventory. Then, with the increase of seasonal consumption, stocks gradually dropped, and dropped to 15 million 400 thousand tons in July 26th. The market supply oversupply also pushed up the stock of steel plant. In mid March, the steel stock of key enterprises in the middle of March reached a record of 14 million 510 thousand tons, up 29.7% from the same period, to 12 million 680 thousand tons in late June, which was still 29.9% higher than that in the beginning of the year, and increased by 11.4% over the same period in 2012.

(5) the profit level of the steel mill declined month by month. In the first half of 2013, the metallurgical industry achieved a profit of 73 billion 690 million yuan, up 13.7% from the same year, of which black metal smelting and calendering industry achieved a profit of 45 billion 440 million yuan, an increase of 22.7% over the same period. In the month of 1-5, the profit of major and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises was far less than the overall level of the industry, and was declining month by month. Although profit increased by 34%, it was only 2 billion 800 million yuan, and the sales profit rate was 0.19%. In the month of May, 86 key large and medium-sized steel enterprises only realized profits of 150 million yuan, declining for 5 consecutive months, including 34 losses and 40% loss.

(6) the growth of fixed assets investment in the steel industry has dropped markedly. In 1-6 months of 2013, the investment in fixed assets of iron and steel industry was 303 billion 500 million yuan, up 4.3%, of which black metal smelting and calendering investment was 235 billion 600 million yuan, up 3.3% from the same period of 2012, and 6.1 percentage points compared to the same period in 2012; the black metal mining and mining selection investment was 67 billion 900 million yuan, up 7.8% from the same period, and the growth rate fell by 15 percentage points.
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