Difference between cold rolled plate and cold rolled sheet
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Cold rolled coil is obtained by pickling and cold rolling of hot rolled coil. It can be said to be a cold rolled sheet.
Cold rolled coil (annealed): hot rolled coil is obtained by pickling, cold rolling, bell type annealing, leveling and finishing.
There are three main differences between the two.
1, appearance, the general chill plate is a little black.
2. Surface quality, structure, dimension accuracy and so on are better than cold plate.
3. In performance, the cold rolling plate which is directly obtained through the cold rolling process is hardened during cold rolling, which leads to the increase of yield strength and the residual internal stress, and the external performance is more "hard" cold-rolled plate.
Cold rolled roll (annealed): the cold hard plate is annealed before the roll, and the hardening phenomenon and the internal stress are eliminated (greatly reduced) after annealing, that is, the yield strength decreases close to the cold rolling.
Therefore, yield strength: cold rolled coil is larger than cold rolled coil (annealed), making cold rolled coil (annealed) more conducive to stamping forming.
The default delivery state of ordinary cold-rolled coil is annealing state.
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