Steel and its classification
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The molten steel produced by the steelmaking furnace is cast into billets, and the ingots or billets are processed into steel (steel products) by pressure. There are many kinds of steel, which can be divided into four categories: type, plate, tube and silk.
1, type steel
There are many kinds of shape steel, it is a kind of solid steel strip with certain section shape and dimension. They are divided into two simple and complex sections according to their cross-section shapes. The former includes round steel, Fang Gang, flat steel, six angle steel and angle steel; the latter includes rail, I-beam, channel steel, window frame steel and special-shaped steel. Small round steel in diameter at 6.5-9.0mm is called wire rod.
2, steel plate class
It is a flat steel with wide width ratio and large surface area. It is divided into three kinds according to thickness: thin plate (thickness <4mm), medium plate (thickness 4-25mm) and thick plate (thickness >25mm). The steel strip is included in the steel plate.
3. Steel pipe
It is a strip of steel with a hollow section. It can be divided into circular tubes, square tubes, hexagonal tubes and various special-shaped steel tubes according to their cross-section shapes. According to the different processing technology, it can be divided into two categories: seamless steel pipe and welded pipe.
4. Steel wire
Steel wire is another cold - processing product of wire. According to its shape, it is divided into round steel wire, flat steel wire and triangle steel wire. Apart from direct use, steel wires are also used for the production of wire ropes, steel lines and other products.
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